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Enterprise idea

企  业  理  念

Company identity

Innovative Biomaterials producer

Company Vision

Become a leader in the international biomaterials market and represent a new form of China's industry

Company mission

Providing advanced protein biotechnology as well as raw material and solutions to increase the value of the company.

Social participation

社  会  活  动


JiangYin USUN Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. representatives participated in the "The Fifth Plastic Surgery Conference ", held a satellite meeting on the theme of "The new solution for heal wound healing and scar itching ------ Mussel Adhesive Protein".


Jiang yin USUN Biochemical technology Co., Ltd. Participated in the the "World Federation of Chinese Medicine Association’s second annual academic conference," Professor Jan-Christer Janson attended General Assembly reporting on The new solution for wound healing and scar itch relief


慈  善  事  业


Jiangsu Kunshan Development district’s Zhongrong Metal Products Co., Ltd. Experienced an explosion during the production process, resulting in major casualties. Kunshan Is only a 2 hour car ride away from Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd,. Responding to the disaster, the company immediately organized to rescue with the company's product. USUN mussel adhesive protein wound repair dressings was given to the hospital as a donation


In Tianjin Binhai district, a container exploded. Once Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Heard of the news, they immediately arrange for the warehouse to issued 10 boxes of 10ml of excellent Mussel adhesive protein wound repair dressing. A total of 1000 units were sent to Tianjin as donation.


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